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FSE(w) Self-regulating heating cables

FSE(w) Self-regulating heating cables

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Self-regulating heating cables range FSE(w) are primarily designed to maintain process temperature in the pipeline or freeze protection where higher temperature resistance is required.
Power output of the cable FSE(w) is a response to the ambient temperature at any point in the circuit.
Changing the ambient temperature or thermal loss of the insulation is compensated by automatically changing the power at each point of the circuit. This self-regulating feature allows cable crossing without damage due to temperature.

FSE(w) cables are approved for use in normal environments, zones 1, 2 and zones 21, 22.



Terminal boxes for connection of heating cables - are used for powering, connecting and branching of heating cables.

Cable termination
Self-regulating heating cables FSE(w) require the use of a termination set UTK344(555).

Power output curves:
Output power for jacketed cable attached to the insulated metal pipeline at the voltage values listed below:

Type of cable
Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Power output at 10 °C (W/m)
17FSE 17
31FSE 31
45FSEw 45
60FSEw 60

* CT ... Polyolefin jacket providing additional protection in places where the cable is exposed to the influence of inorganic chemicals based on water basis.
* CF ... Fluoropolymer jacket providing additional protection in places where the cable is exposed to the influence of organic chemicals or corrosive atmospheres..

II 2G Ex e IIC T4 Gb
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP67
FSEw - SIRA 12ATEX3114
II 2G Ex e IIC T3-T4 Gb
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T200°C-135°C Db IP67
For information on further certification contact Generi, s.r.o.


1. Cables can also be used for other voltages, for information contact Generi staff.
2. Temperature classes are according to internationally recognized standards of authorized institutions.
3. Heating cables are approved for temperature classes using a stabilized design. This allows the use of cables in potentially explosive atmospheres without limiting thermostats. For design
of heating circuits, please contact Generi, s.r.o.
4. For additional accessories for complete installation of the heating cable and for compliance with the approval requirements, refer to the heating cable installation guide.

Size and type of the circuit breaker:
The maximum circuit lengths for the different current values of the circuit breaker are listed below. The size of the circuit breaker and the type of short-circuit protection used must be designed according to national standards. Please contact Generi, s.r.o. for design information and other supply voltages.
Short-circuit protection must be provided for each supply branch of the heating system separately.

Supply voltage 230 V AC Max. cable length vs. size of the circuit breaker (type C circuit breaker) (m)
Type of cable Start-up temperature (°C)
6A 10A 16A 20A 25A
17FSE 10 46 76 120 148 -
0 36 62 98 122 148
-20 24 42 66 82 102
-40 16 28 44 56 68
31FSE 10 32 52 82 104 110
0 26 42 68 84 106
-20 16 28 46 56 70
-40 12 18 30 38 48
45FSEw 10 24 38 62 76 96
0 20 32 50 64 80
-20 12 22 34 42 52
-40 8 14 22 28 34
60FSEw 10 20 35 52 66 82
0 16 28 44 56 70
-20 12 20 32 40 50
-40 8 14 22 28 34
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