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G-Trace Self-regulating heating cables

G-Trace Self-regulating heating cables

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Protection of gutters and roofs from snow and ice build up.

The G-Trace self-regulating heating cable offers the ideal solution for frost protection of gutters and gutters and to prevent possible consequential property damage. G-Trace's unique performance characteristics progressively respond to ambient conditions, providing cost-effective maintenance solutions for your gutters. In the presence of snow and icy water, the heating cable operates at full capacity. When the snow melts and the water drains, its power is halved. In the case of warming, it further reduces its performance. The self-regulation system prevents the heating cable from overheating. G-Trace can also be installed in plastic gutters. The outer UV-resistant jacket protects against harmful sunlight for long durability and reliability.



Terminal boxes for heating cables - Used for powering, connecting and branching of heating cables.

Cable termination
G-Trace self-regulating heating cables require the use of a UTK(HTK)344 termination kit..

G-4-524005 – gutter to gutter downspout transition

Power output curve:
Power output of cable installed on roof or in gutter at 230 V AC.


Note :

A - In snow and ice water, the heating cable will operate at full power.

B - As the snow begins to melt and the water drains away, the heating cable self-regulates to half power while it dries.

C - As it gets warmer, the heating cable will reduce  its power output

* F ... Fluoropolymer sheath for additional protection in areas where exposure to organic chemicals or corrosive atmospheres is anticipated.

Cables can be used for other voltages, please contact Generi for information.
2. Temperature classes are according to internationally recognized standards of authorized institutions.
3. For additional accessories for the complete installation of the heating cable and for compliance with the approval requirements, see the installation guide for heating cables.

Output Power:
Ice (0°C) ................................................... 36 W/m
Air (0°C) ............................................ 18 W/m

Size and type of circuit-breaker:
The maximum circuit lengths for the different circuit breaker current values are shown below. The size of the circuit-breaker and the type of short-circuit protection used must be designed according to national standards. For design information and other power voltages, please contact Generi, s.r.o.
The short-circuit protection of the device must be performed separately for each heating system branch.

Supply voltage 230 V AC Max. cable length vs. Circuit-breaker size (type C) (m)
Cable type Start-up temperature (°C)
6A 10A 16A 20A 32A
GT 10 26 42 68 84 90
0 24 38 62 78 86
-15 20 34 54 68 80

Start current values

Start at (°C) in ice and water Start current at 230V (A/m)
-15°C 0.295
0°C 0.259
+15°C 0.236


G-Trace systems are energised at +5ºC and deenergised -10ºC to -15ºC when there is no possibility of melt water being present.


Technical data

Basic overview

  • Available power output 18 a 36 W/m
  • Nominal voltage 1 - 277 V AC
  • Minimum installation temperature - 40 °C
  • Minimal bend radius CF - 35mm
  • Ambient temperature - 40 - +60 °C
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